Home Loans

Avail the Home Loan through Oneacres Infra Heights India Pvt. Ltd. to fulfill your dream to purchase or construct your living space (home). Home Loan provides a lump-sum amount to purchase a property you desired and this lump-sum amount will be repayable with interest.

Home loan is provided to purchase a house/flat, construction of house on a plot of land or for renovation of the existing house. In the home loan 80%-90% of the property value is financed by the lender and rest of the 10%-20% is a down payment made to seller from the borrower. Eligibility for the loan is checked by the income of the borrower & by the value of the property according to market rate.

Home is a place where we live the moments of our life. Home is made by the people who are living under that same roof.

The most important thing is buying a place and making it your home. But buying your own house is not an easy task. It needs a good bank balance. If you need finance to buy the house of your dreams, you can apply for a home loan. Home loan is designed to cater to all these needs. Banks and non-banking finance companies lend money for the purpose of providing loans and finances for your dream home.

Home Purchase

Home Loans for purchase of a flat, row house, bungalow from private developers in approved projects.

Flat Purchase

When you own a plot of land, you can build a space that is uniquely yours. Loans for purchase of a plot through direct allotment.


Costrax offers professional, friendly, and accurate tax preparation services.

Plot Purchase

Plot loans assist you purchased the land for your house so that you can start turning your dream domestic into reality.

Plot + Construction

Our company provides comprehensive estate planning services tailored to your goals.


Our team of professionals will help you prepare a perfect retirement plan for the nearest future.

Document Required for Home Loan are

Salaried Self Employed
Age 21 years to 65 years 21 years 70 years*
Income INR 10000 awards* ITR atleast Rs. 300000/- P.A and above*
Loan Amount Offered As per income & requrment As per income & requrment
Tenure Upto 30 years* Upto 30 years*
Work Experience >1year* >3year*
Processing Fee As per Bank norms As per Bank norms
Documentation* KYC KYC
2 Photograph(recent colour passport size) All registration (like GST,Pollution,Manufacturing etc) licence as per policy required*
6 months bank statement from salary account 2 Photograph(recent colored passport size)
Form 16 (current 2 years) 3 year ITR with computation of income balance sheet and profit and loss account Statement
Salary Slip(current 3 months) Copy of all Bank statement( current A/c & saving A/c) as shown in balance sheet.
Property papers with chain link All running loan,statement & sanction letter copy.
Higher Education Proof.
All running loan,statement & sanction letter copy.